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Design is what I do.

People hire me to determine how new or existing digital products and services should behave. In rendering the intended experience, I also answer how and why the business and supporting technology must articulate "behind the curtain" for it to all come together. I see design as a team sport.

This is how I see design as a general process. The three gyres (similar to methodologies include "deliver") observe a circuitous do-and-check path ensuring that the work stays informed by research or testing as it moves from vague to concrete.

I’ve led projects and built capabilities for these and other such brands, either as an independent contractor or at firms like Adaptive Path, Momentum Design Lab and Think Company. Time has taught me to lead from behind, and how meaningful experiences emerge when interacting through technology, not just with it. 

BMW, MINI, Priceline, Peets, Nemours, Comcast, Adobe, Wizards of the Coast, Intel, Aol, CEB, HP Snapfish, 

Want to evaluate my work? Download my work stories—case studies containing visuals and anecdotes of previous projects (including short one pagers if you are rushed). I'm open to opportunities where I can help foster a culture of good design.

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